Nothing is what it seems in this story of murder, mental illness and a secret from the past one woman is determined will stay buried…

A New Psychological Crime Thriller

When Sara Arnot’s babysitter is murdered her life begins to unravel.
One afternoon Sara’s babysitter takes her son to London’s Hyde Park – where she is murdered by a ritual killer. Her son can no longer speak and Sara is visited by nightmares and ‘memories’ of a murdered child.
Reporter Joe Crozier suspects the babysitter was killed by mistake and Sara was the intended victim. Another young woman is murdered in a village in Berkshire and Crozier follows a trail from London to Edinburgh and the Himalayan foothills of India in his search for a killer who first struck 64 years earlier during the political turmoil of Indian Independence.
Sara’s husband, an ambitious Harley Street neurologist, leads a double life and becomes prime suspect in the murders of the young women.Oliver Maslin, a psychologist with a radical theory on memory, searches for a killer in Sara’s unconscious mind.

The Othello Syndrome available on Amazon/Kindle. Click here to buy now!

The author is now working on her next book, number 2 in the series,”The Prisoners of Rottnest Island” featuring reporter Joe Crozier and psychologist Oliver Maslin, who work together again to find a serial killer whose killing field ranges from the east coast of the United States to a tiny island off the coast of Western Australia. Click here for preview

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